Bespoke Stunning Ring!

My Latest Client’s Yellow Diamond Ring!


She wanted me to use her diamonds to create a bespoke yellow diamond ring. The only thing was, she didn’t have a yellow diamond.So I showed her yellow diamonds in several different sizes, shapes and shades of colour, even bringing her some beautiful yellow sapphires in an attempt to keep the price down!

However she stuck to her original idea of a round yellow, brilliant cut diamond, surrounded by her own white diamonds. When she mentioned that she might want it all set in rose gold, I became a little worried. I simply couldn’t allow the combination of rose gold, (which is copper coloured as it has copper in it!) next to a yellow diamond! I explained that often diamonds are set in white gold or platinum to enhance the brilliance of the stones.

Eventually after several meetings where we looked at different styles and heights for the ring, she settled on a rose gold shank, which, I think you’ll agree looks fab and unusual!

Then I showed my client CAD , (Computer aided designs) of her ring in colour. We altered several subtle details at this stage before making a wax replica of the ring. The wax is exactly the same as the real ring but as the wax is blue and this ring was made in three parts, it took a little imagination from my client to envisage the finished bespoke piece. However she dealt with this well, as I explained that if she found she wasn’t happy with the result, I would change it for her. This is the joy of a bespoke piece.

I don’t believe in unhappy customers. Just an old fashioned service where the customer is always right!

Do you have antique jewellery with precious stones sitting in your drawer that you never wear?

Would you like help with a bespoke design to transform them into something you really love?

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This is what my client says:

When I first had the idea of transforming some older pieces of jewellery into something new and exciting, I started searching for “personal jewellers” bit wasn’t impressed by some of the unimaginative websites I stumbled across...but when I met Michele I knew she was different! Michele’s personality immediately struck me with her colourful energy and creative passion!Throughout the process, from idea development and creation of the design through to the actual realization of my beautiful ring, she was very helpful in making suggestions whilst always being very careful to uncover what I was really after. The end result is a stunning and unique piece on which I have already been complimented several times!

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