I was asked to source jewellery pieces for Livia Firth’s dinner with the Queen and the Obamas, in honour of Colin Firth’s success in “The King’s Speech”.

This is not unusual for me, as I am often asked by my male clients to help find them a surprise special occasion gift for their partner, using pictures and their observations to guide my choice.

I’ve never been wrong!

My job was to choose the right style, size and colour of jewellery to suit Livia’s outfit for this evening. When Livia spoke to me on the phone,  she described her style as “Audrey Hepburn”, and with the photos I’d seen of her, I understood why.

Armed with the photos of Livia and Audrey, I set off to research which pieces might go with her outfit. I visited my contacts who helped to show me what I thought would be right for this memorable special evening.

Having decided on white gold and diamond antique pieces,  Livia called and explained that her outfit had been changed and that I now needed to search for yellow gold and pink stones! Back I went, delighted to chance upon a stunning dragonfly brooch and swirl style ruby earrings, perfect for Livia’s out fit and look.

A sophisticated and minimal look for a petite, Italian beauty!

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18ct yellow gold ruby swirl earrings for pierced ears. £10,900

dragonfly brooch, 18ct yellow gold, diamonds , rubies and enamel £9,750

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