Shopping with You or for You!

Unique Jewellery with a Twist

Want to surprise your partner with a special occasion gift?

Nervous about how they will react?

Want to find an unusual piece of jewellery?

Unsure what you want and where to go?

Having difficulty finding a jeweller you can trust?

Afraid of not making a good investment?


Know what you want but don’t have time to find it?

Shopping with you and for you

Here’s How I can Help

Show me a photo of your partner and I’ll find them a piece of jewellery they will love.

I’ll take you on an exclusive shopping trip tailored to meet your budget and tastes.

Before we go I’ll use my knowledge and experience to research the style of jewellery that best suits your partner. I’ll take you to three or more reputable shops, using my contacts to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

I can also bring jewellery to your home or office and advise you what will suit your partner.

Benefits to You

Shopping with me means I do all the work!

You save time by going on just one shopping trip.

With my advice you can make a good long term investment.

This is How it Works

First you send me three or four pictures of your partner. Then I’ll call you to discuss them further, taking into account their likes and dislikes, size , colouring and personality.

We’ll discuss your budget and if you know what type of jewellery you’d like, antique, new, second hand or handmade. Don’t worry if you have no idea, as I will have many suggestions!

If it’s investing in antique diamond pieces, I’ll help and advise you to make a unique choice for the future. This may mean visiting shops where we can look at pieces together and I can suggest what will suit your partner.

Or I may think a commission from a particular designer would compliment your partner’s style. I’ll show you pictures of their work, or original pieces when they are available. You may also bring photos of pieces or styles that you like.

Together we’ll make decisions about the types of stones, metal and style you want,and I’ll contact you again with pictures or drawings of your piece. At this stage you may want to make alterations or ask questions. I’m happy to listen and change the design until it is right.

Want to find out more?

Email me now me now:


Gemstones and Materials

  • All gemstones are of fine quality.
  • Diamonds are graded by clarity and size to accomodate your budget.
  • Diamonds are always certificated in the traditional way.
  • The metals I use are yellow and white gold and platinum.

I ethically source all my materials wherever possible.

Guide to prices

Individual prices are given once a personal consultation has taken place and you have made me aware of your budget. Required minimum budget for commissions and antique jewellery is £1500.

Your shopping day with me includes visiting three or more shops especially chosen for you, by me. Or you can have a private consultation where I bring a selection of jewellery to you and advise you on what will suit your partner.

All for only £500.00 per day.  Central London only

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My latest happy customer Harry invested in antique diamond jewellery for his wife.

He says:

“If you wanted to go treasure hunting, you’d need a compass, a real treasure map and a great invitation.

Think of Michele as all three!

The only enjoyable way to find the treasure you want, and no need to worry about the pirates- brilliant!”