WATCHES! Servicing and Repairs

Services and repairs for all types of watches!

Do you have a Cartier, Rolex, Breitling, Patek Phillipe or other expensive branded watch that costs a fortune to fix?

Do you have to wait ages just to get the battery changed?

Does servicing it cost a fortune?

I have just the man for you! My watch repairer is an old guy who’s been repairing watches for years. In fact his entire working life, so what he doesn’t know about watches, simply isn’t known!

He can repair all makes of watch and has even been known to make parts when they can’t be bought!

My watch service quotes start from £150 and are always less expensive than big name brands. My time estimate is a maximum of 6 weeks turnaround and is usually less than that.

Email me at for my bespoke pick up and delivery service!


What my customers say:

I have an old Cartier gent’s watch and had to wait months just for a bracelet repair. Michele came to my office in Central London, picked up my watch and returned it to me two weeks later with the bracelet hand repaired! I certainly would reccomend her for efficiency, quality and a very pleasant service!

George Woods

My two expensive watches both needed servicing and I’d been quoted a 3 month wait!  I called Michele who picked them up in a week, called me another week later with quotes much less than I’d paid before. She quoted me £350 and £400 respectively and then ended up giving me discount because I’[d had two watches done at once! Also the watches both came with a years guarantee on the service. I’m more than happy to reccomend her!

Nigel Foster

My very old Van Cleef and Arpels 18ct gold watch needed a service and bracelet repair. Michele was able to do both jobs in 4 weeks, including getting me the quotes and picking up and returning them! I found her very personable and helpful in her explanation of the work that needed doing. She’s also very trustworthy and honest.

Jane Halliday

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