Weddings and Engagement Rings

Bespoke and Antique are my favourite kinds of rings.

£12,650 CENTRE STONE 1.05CT

All you need to do is tell me how much you want to spend and I promise to stay within your budget! Then I need to know what it is you want. Now this is more difficult for you, especially if you want it to be a surprise. Do you want to give her this classic diamond solitaire below left? Or is this stunning antique diamond cluster ring more her style?

Are you unsure what your partner really likes?

Have you ever given them jewellery they didn’t like?

Was it a disappointing or embarrassing experience?

Does it mean a lot to you to get the giving right?

0.24ct DIAMOND £1200


If the answer is yes to any of these questions I have the experience to help and advise you to make the right choice and enjoy giving your gift with confidence. I have chosen  many pieces of jewellery, bespoke and antique using photos of the client to style the jewellery they like.



You could also use some of your own gemstones and combine them  with an exceptional stone as we did in this yellow diamond ring, right.

Or if you want to wow! her, this black diamond ring (left) is so unexpected and clearly says,

“I’m stylish and sophisticated and I’m not afraid to show it!”



£1800 SIZE N

£1650 SIZE O

Wedding Bands can be sophisticated in their simplicitly or subtly embedded with diamonds! 





After all, who wants to be boring when they can be noticed!

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